Hacker and cracker are two terms that are closely related to computer. The first is so familiar that almost all computer users, either beginners or experts, know about it. However, the latter is apparently not as familiar as the familiar as the first. Rarely do computer users know what cracker is. Unlike hacker, this term is hard to be found in our daily conversation in spite of the topic. Consequently, such question as what cracker is and whether cracker is similar to hacker or not.

    Cracker is one who attempts to break into the system via cracking or guessing user passwords. Most of the crackers are young teenage punks who are very malicious and seek to get their kicks from destroying or alternating data on a system. The media often times mistakes the cracker for the hacker. Moreover, cracker's level of education or intelligence on the system and its inner working etc. is very low.

    Hacker, in the other hand, is an individual who yearns for knowledge. The hackers are very knowledgeable individuals. They often times know several programming languages, work extensively with the inwards and outwards of UNIX, have a firm understanding of all TCP/IP implementation and protocols. They keep abreast on all the security related issues involving computers. Breaking into a system for a hacker is a thrill, it is a challenge that they take on. The hacker takes much delight in exploring the system from the outside/inside searching vigorously for misconfigurations, bugs, and holes in the operating system that would allow them to break into a machine. Once in the system the challenge has been completed and they have succeeded in breaking in. it is against hacker ethics to alter any data aside from the logs that are needed to clean their tracks. They have no need or desire to destroy data as malicious crackers. They are there to explore the system and learn more. The hacker has a constant yearning and thirst for knowledge that increases in intensity as their journey progresses.

 I. Answer the questions briefly.

  1. What are the purposes of the cracker in breaking system?
  2. Why is the term of cracker hard to be found in our daily life?
  3. How does cracker break the system?
  4. What is the hacker ethic?
  5. Why does hacker want to break into the system?

 II. Decide which statement is true or false.

  1. Hacker is a malicious person.
  2. Hacker has more intelligent on the system than cracker.
  3. Cracker's activities are for knowledge.
  4. The media usually change hacker for cracker.
  5. Cracker doesn't want to destroy data.

 III. Find the synonyms of the words in the box.

  1. Familiar:     
  2. expert:        
  3. guess:        
  4. delight:    
  5. desire:    


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