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Study the following dialogue and answer the questions! The following dialogue for question numbers 1-3.
Situation: Soraya meets Adam at the cafeteria.
Soraya : Hello, Adam. How are you getting on?
Adam : Fine, thanks. How are you?
Soraya : I’m very well. Thank you.
Adam : Have you finished your lunch?
Soraya : Yes, I think so. I’d better go now, or I’ll be late at the office. Good bye, Adam.
Adam : Good bye, Soraya. See you tomorrow

1. What does Soraya say when she meets Adam? (score 8)
2. What does Soraya say before leaving? (score 8)
3. What is Adam’s reply to what Soraya says before leaving? (score 8)
4. Make up your own conversation based on the following situations. (score 14)
    You have a new friend at school. Greet him/ her and introduce yourself
5. X: Hi, Rin. Would you accompany me to the book store?
    Y: Oh, that’s great. I’d love to.
    The underlined sentence is used to.... (Score 8)
6. Jenifer : Would you come to our workshop tomorrow?
    Alison : That would be great.
    In the dialogue Jenifer is giving Alison.... (Score 8)
7. Make up your own conversation based on the following situation. (score 15)
    Nanang’s birthday will be held on August 29th, 2008. You are invited to attend his birthday,     but you don’t have a couple. So, you ask Fatima to accompany you attending the birthday.
8. Complete the following dialogue.
    Harry and Yani promised to meet at the music concert last night but Harry didn’t appear. So     the following day he phoned her. (Score 8)
    Harry : ….
    Yani : No excuse. You broke the promise.
    Harry : Listen! Last night a friend of mine got an accident, so I took her to the hospital.
9. Fatih : Do you give me your word on that?
    Nisa : You have my word on that.
    The underlined sentence express …. (Score 8)
10. Make a long dialogue consist of asking a promise and offering a promise. The topic is free.     Longer is better. (score 15)

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